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With his books, Anthony William became internationally known as a medical medium and medicine guru. He emphasizes the importance of diet for health and physical well-being. Numerous fans around the world are convinced by his tips. Williams books have almost effortlessly achieved bestseller status. But what exactly is behind it? We have compiled interesting facts about Anthony Williams and his theories.

The American Anthony William can rightly be described as a phenomenon of our time. His books seem to reach top-seller lists around the world with little effort. More than 2,6 million fans follow him on Instagram (Account: medicalmedium). His nutrition tips and medical recommendations resonate with many people.

Anthony William Recommends: Holistic Healing

For more than 25 years, Anthony William has dedicated himself to the holistic healing of his fellow human beings. His approach comes from the field of alternative healing methods. Many people around the world place their trust in the author and medium. Including numerous celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow and top model Naomi Campbell. The American became known internationally in no time. He gives exciting nutrition tips in the Netflix documentary "Heal" and on his own radio show.

His good intuition and media messages about the health of his fellow human beings have made Anthony William a medical medium. He is said to have helped many people to get well again with a high success rate. He became aware of his gift early on. He recognized his grandmother's lung cancer at the age of four while the entire family was sitting together at the dining table. A spirit, for him "the spirit", guided him to do this. In this way he received information on diseases and healing options. That may sound controversial to one or the other, but so far he has been correct in many of his assumptions. He uses his skills for the benefit of his fellow human beings. William offers mental body scans and helpful nutrition tips.

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Nutrition: the key to health, vitality and wellbeing

It is undisputed that a healthy diet has an impact on well-being, vitality, health and appearance. William gives numerous tips in his books and even triggered a worldwide hype about the otherwise rather unpopular celery juice. The all-round talent celery works against migraines and high blood pressure, promotes digestion and improves mental performance. Antioxidants, vitamins, bitter substances, secondary plant substances and essential oils make celery a real powerhouse for health. The anti-aging effect is a great side effect.

Stimulate the body to regenerate through nutrition

Anthony Williams' basic theory is based on the assumption that our bodies are exposed to numerous stresses every day. These include radiation exposure, heavy metals, pathogens, pesticides and of course everyday stress. Genetically modified foods and industrially processed foods increase these pressures. The “holy four”, meaning fruit, vegetables, herbs, wild plants and honey, support our body effectively in detoxification and have healing properties.

Dietary supplements, for example from Vimergy, round off a healthy diet particularly effectively. Depending on the illness or type of complaint, the author recommends a certain diet. Because of the excellent quality, William specifically recommends the Vimergy products.

In natural medicine, nutrition is one of the most important building blocks for health and wellbeing. Many experts recommend a plant-based and alkaline diet with plenty of fluid intake for greater well-being without any side effects. Conventional medicine also begins cautiously to include holistic considerations such as nutrition in health issues. From the perspective of many people, this has so far been neglected. A healthy diet always makes sense, even for fit and healthy people. Williams' more general books "Medical Food" or "Mediale Medizin" are suitable reading material for anyone interested.

Healthy lifestyle

The core message of the medical medium is: Everyone can get healthy! With the message, he supports the positive mindset of his fans in addition to a change in diet. It has not been scientifically proven whether his tips actually have a healing effect. Ultimately, everyone has to try out for themselves what influence changes in diet have on health and well-being. But diet has a major impact on wellbeing, especially when it comes to illnesses such as migraines or autoimmune diseases. In conclusion, it remains to be said that a doctor should always be consulted in the event of serious health problems. Anthony William is neither a scientist nor a doctor. But his tips are and will remain an optimal basis for a healthy lifestyle, and that is definitely a good thing.

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